About Mulholland Brand Manufacturing, Mulholland Gates, and Mulholland Security

About Mulholland

Mulholland Team
Mulholland Team

Mulholland Brand Manufacturing (often called “Mulholland Brand”) is the overall name of our company. We design and manufacture aluminum gates, fencing, railing, and pergola for distribution throughout North America. Mulholland Brand sells only through licensed dealers and distributors.

Mulholland Gates is a division of Mulholland Brand. The work of this division is local, primarily to Los Angeles, although we have worked on occasion throughout the state. (Originally, this division was called “Gates Los Angeles”.) In this division, we take the products of Mulholland Brand and sell and install them under our close supervision in the surrounding area of our manufacturing plant. Installers and contractors from across the country will often come to Mulholland Gates to fully learn about Mulholland Brand products and be apprenticed in their installation.

Mulholland Security is another division of Mulholland Brand. Just like Mulholland Gates, its customer base is Los Angeles only. Since very early on in Mulholland’s history, even prior to our installation of gates and fencing, the company helped Los Angeles’ families and businesses with locksmithing, intercom, access control, and security cameras.

Even now, as the focus of the company has changed to manufacturing and distribution across North America, we are continuing to stay relevant to our local communities by continuing on with Mulholland Gates and Mulholland Security service at the local level.

Avi Ben David CEO Mulholland Brand

Avi Ben David


Avi’s career in fencing goes all the way back to his childhood in Israel, when he was his father’s apprentice in door and window hardware. Arriving in Los Angeles, he utilized his training in the Israeli military as his grounding in supplying security tools to residents there. For more than 25 years, Avi has been heading teams to beautify Los Angeles, and make people more secure.

Henry Zimmerman

Henry Zimmerman


A pioneer in the industrial manufacturing industry, Henry serves as the Chairman of the Israeli Manufacturer’s Association. He also serves as the Chairman of the Trellidor Group – an industrial manufacturing company focused on advanced metal technologies and production of a large range of products.

Ran Artzi - Field Representative Mulholland Brand

Ran Artzi

Field Representative

Ran Artzi’s career with Mulholland began in 2003. He’s worked in every aspect of home security, from locksmithing and security gates and fencing to all the latest low-voltage applications.

Harout Agopian, Trainer, Mulholland Brand

Harout Agopian

Dealer/Distributor Trainer

Harout is excellent at team building and getting things done. He knows our products inside and out.

Yael Sirota - Sales Manager Mulholland Brand

Yael Sirota

Sales Manager

Yael has nearly twenty years of experience in the construction industry. She has a thorough understanding of what it takes to properly quote your project in terms of time, materials, and cost.

Liz Shamlian Production Manager Mulholland Brand

Liz Shamlian

Production Manager

Liz has worked in the customer service industry for over 10 years gaining experience in banking and telemarketing. She’s been with us for over six years.

Shaye Herriford -The Mulholland Brand

Shaye Herriford

Dealer Relations

Shaye is very knowledgeable of our entire product line and experienced in dealing with end-users as well as contractors and dealers. 

Eyal Sibrower

Eyal Sibrower

Factory Manager

Eyal manages twenty four thousand square feet of factory and sixteen personnel, and gets the job done.

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