New Innovations in Fence & Gate Manufacturing Gives You All the Beauty of Wood With None of Wood's "Homeowner Headaches"

Introducing Aluminum Wood-like® Gates and fence design, manufacture, and installation that gives you the full appearance of any of a wide variety of the world’s most beautiful wood species, but with a base material of durable, corrosion-resistant aluminum.

Imagine what it would be like to…

  • feel the satisfaction of your home, fully framed in the beauty of wood fence and gates and gates
  • sense a growing excitement to see your property as you travel back from work, or even from grocery shopping
  • know you have “gone the extra mile” by providing for your family, by further securing them with something beautiful, as well as effective
  • dramatically enhance the curb appeal of your property
  • increase your family’s future financial wellbeing, through increasing the value of your home
  • know you have increased your whole family’s sense of wellbeing, by increasing your home’s security…

Now imagine what it would be like to accomplish those things easily.

This all comes true with trouble-free, corrosion-resistant WoodLike® aluminum gates and fence.

WoodLike® aluminum gates and fencing will give you all the joys of wood, but none of the problems.

That’s why you’re going to love Mulholland’s WoodLike® Aluminum.

New Innovations in Fence & Gate Manufacturing Gives You All the Beauty of Wood With None of Wood’s “Homeowner Headaches”

You can now install a Woodlike fence or gate and forget about it! Hose the fence and gates down from time to time and wipe with a cloth to restore their beauty. The gates pretty much take care of themselves! You’ll have more time to do the things you love to do.

Want to surround yourself with beauty?

Why not? You can! And it’s one of the best things you can do for your family’s sense of well being. Surround your property with Woodlike and focus on making your property your own canvas.

Sometimes do you just want to shut off the whole outside world?

It’s noisy out there – and seems to get noisier! You are welcome to go out and “fight your battles” but everyone (particularly warriors) needs a refuge. Woodlike fencing and gates give you that.

You Can Get the Same Look and Feel as the Most Popular (and Most Expensive) Wood Fences & Gates!

Our Woodlike aluminum fencing systems offer a wide range of flexibility. You can choose the height, size, and width of the slats, which we can arrange vertically, horizontally, diagonally, or mixed-and-matched.

If you have a front yard or a backyard, you can create your own “more perfect world” with Mulholland’s WoodLike® fence and gate systems.


WoodLike® Aluminum is easy to design with, even if you don’t know the look of any one wood from any other. There’s no “wrong” way of doing this. Most of our customers immediately know what’s the best fit for their home.

Your next steps are just as easy.

  1. Call us, or complete the form! We’ll arrange a meeting at your home at your convenience. During these times of extra precaution, we ordinarily will meet at your property but outdoors.  Many people prefer meeting at our offices in Canoga Park, to see “in person” a wider sampling of our gates. In either case, we’ll follow all the standard protocols.
  2. Answer all your questions. We’ll meet and answer all your questions. We firmly believe that an educated customer is a happy customer. We’ve found that hesitant shoppers need more information, not more push. Fully informed homeowners don’t want sales talks, they want answers.
  3. We’ll schedule the work and get it done.  You’ve got a life to get on with. We won’t be like distant relatives overstaying their welcome. Your home is your castle, not ours, and we are there to get the job done – fast and well. For most typical projects, we are in and out in a very few days. We’ll use modern smart phone apps to stay in touch through every phase. You’ll be knowledgeable every step of the way, with only pleasant surprises.


  • Increased protection for your family, your pets, and your property.
  • An even more welcome home environment. Fencing your home and giving it gates has magical effects. (You might laugh when you read this, but just you wait and see!)
  • Satisfaction from deliberately creating an environment where you and your family can thrive.
  • An excellent investment for the future by paying a relatively small amount for a disproportionate increase in the value of your home.
  • You’ll feel at ease with your investment as the base material is an architectural aluminum alloy renowned for its anti-corrosion properties and durability.


Mulholland will build and install your Woodlike Aluminum Fence and Gate for about the same price that you would pay for wood. But with Woodlike, you won’t pay wood’s thousands of dollars in maintenance costs over many years. Instead, you will pay nothing in maintenance! Mulholland Woodlike lasts for years, sometimes even for generations.

WoodLike® Aluminum Special First-Time Customer Rate:

Gates are from $95-150/sq ft and fences and panels are $57.50-75/sq ft.

This is the first time we are offering this to the LA market. We’re temporarily lowering the price to get the word out.

Call us now, before the rate goes up! We’ll lock in your discount!


With all Mulholland products, you are protected by a very thorough warranty.

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