Railings, Decorative and Functional

The Different Types of Railings

Gates Los Angeles takes great pride in their design, fabrication and restoration of ornamental and functional metal railings. We work in all sorts of medium: bronze, mild steel “wrought iron”, stainless steel and aluminum.

We are open to residential and commercial accounts. Using both additional fabrication methods and newer technology we are happy to offer our clients as well as our design professionals a trusted source for design, fabrication and installation.

Why Railings?

Railings are sometimes necessary and sometimes purely ornamental. Examples of railings that are necessary are for balconies. Also in many cities, building codes require stairways and walkways with more than two steps to have handrails.

But in all circumstances, railings should be beautiful. Even in an honesty or commercial setting or in an industrial setting a railing should be, minimally, pleasing to the eye.

Metal Railings:

Whether they be made of bronze, mild steel (“wrought iron”, as it is often called), stainless steel or aluminum, the metal railing is usually the preferred choice for typical commercial or residential use. Gates Los Angeles is experienced with every different type of metal railing, in their design, fabrication and installation.

Glass Railings:

if you are looking for a modern look, glass railings may be just the choice for you. They provide for a clearer look at the environment and can give a handrail the illusion of the “floating in space”.

You will most often see class railings and commercial settings, but they are getting more and more popular with home owners who are looking for a real open “feel” in their homes or in their yards.

Exterior Ornamental Railings:

It can often be surprising to see the significant change that just a little bit of railing can add to the façade of a home. If you are looking to find that “little extra” that can add a significant boost to the look of your project without costing a phenomenal amount of money, than an ornamental balcony or a stair railing may be just what you’re looking for.

For the Disabled:

With the passage of the Americans With Disabilities Act in the early 1990’s round trailing (or “pipe railing”, as it is often called) has become commonplace for public access.

Avi Ben David is the founder and owner of Gates Los Angeles.

by Avi Ben David

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