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Beach Gates


6 Reasons Why Mulholland Security is

Southern California’s Beach Gate Specialists

NewNumber11. More Experience than any Southland Gate and Security Company. 

We’ve been installing gates at the beach for over 19 years. Some of our first gate installations were done at the beach in the mid 90’s.

We are also not “just” a gate company. We are a full security company. Aside from gate and fence design fabrication and installation, we also integrate full security into all our gates. That means we do it all.

You don’t have to work with a half dozen different contractors to get your security gate installed and operating security.

We do all these steps – your more typical gate company just installs the gate and you have to find the right people to do all the rest.

  • Gate and fence design
  • Fabrication
  • Installation
  • Gate motor installation
  • Low voltage lines
  • Perimeter lighting (including motion sensors)
  • Intercom
  • Remote Access
  • Security Camera surveillance (including remote viewing capability on your iPhone or Android device)
  • Ongoing maintenance contracts


 2. Beach Gates = Require Corrosion Resistant Materials and Finishes

Along the coast, “everyone knows” that gates “just don’t work” – at least for very long. And, due to that, you see a lot of fine homes along the beach not gated and fenced – or you see these things in less than optimum condition.

The beach air corrodes iron swiftly and also deteriorates wood unless it is properly finished – and then regularly refinished.  Salty air has a way of finding the weak spots in any finish and, even when that’s just the size of a pin, the air can get in and start corroding the iron even underneath the paint.

Our general answer is to use the least corrosive materials that can be used in gates and fences that are economically feasible. So, we use stainless steel or aluminum in our seaside gates. (We emphasize the word “or” just now to emphasize that these metals are never used in combination with each other as there would be rapid corrosion if that were to occur.)

Wood can also be used in beach gate making but they will require refinishing regularly. The closer the gate is to the ocean, the more frequent the refinishing would need to be.


3. COMPLETE “People Security”, Inside and out

There’s more to security than just a gate, fence and locked doors and windows. Every family and every property is different, but there are basics that are common to everyone. High security locks on all your doors and windows is a must. Good lighting around the home is important; typically with motion sensors.

Gates and fences are not always feasible for all homes on all properties. But they usually are. Sometimes gates and fences are not considered due to concerns about costs – but we suggest you consult with us first before coming to that conclusion. We’ve surprised people with our quality gates at lower-than-expected prices.

There’s all sorts of other tools that  sAlthough that’s certainly a good place to begin. To fully take care of your family, it’s


4. COMPLETE  Property Security, Inside and out

We take the greatest satisfaction in all the amazing security tools that already exist, while, at the same time, eagerly looking out for what’s new and more effective, more simply designed and more beautiful. In security, “effective” is, of course, key. But, all these other things seem to be “tied for second place”. We keep our eyes open for innovation not only in our products, but in our installations. You’ll see a lot of this in our gate and fence installations, particularly in more complex situations, as when gates and fences are being installed on a hill. Other easy to see examples of this are in Mulholland’s “hidden safe” installations.

5. COMPLETE  Valuables Security, Inside and out

Got valuable “stuff” you want to keep at home? We can help you there. But why be obvious about it? Not only can you hide your valuables in a safe, but we can hide your safe in your home… (shhh! Don’t tell anybody!)



6. AngiesList Super Service Award for 3 Consecutive Years

That’s right – 3 consecutive years. And, we’re going to get it again this year, too!

Angieslist tells us that less than 5% of their contractors are given this award in any given year. We asked our rep there how many had won it for 3 years in a row. He wasn’t aware of any.

That means we’ve gotten stellar reviews from our clients, over and over – and over again!

If you think it’s expensive to hire a professional, hire an amateur! Our claim to fame in our fields will never be that we are the cheapest! It will always be that we offer the lowest prices for the highest quality services and products.






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