Walls, Pillars, Fencing, and Gates

Your browser does not support HTML5 video. We basically took over this property and none of this was here. We built the walls, we built the pillars, we built the gate, we installed everything  for these customers and it came out exceptionally beautiful. This is all our aluminum state-of-the-art aluminum products that we fabricate here in […]

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A Mulholland Gate and a Motor Bike Ride!

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Hello, this is Avi Ben David at Mulholland and I want to show you a project that we finished over here about two months ago and I’m passing through the area doing a little a motorcycle ride and getting here to see this gate. I haven’t been here when the work was done. I haven’t […]

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April’s Gate of the Month Safeguards Hollywood Hills Family

Family Welcomes Security Upgrades Our client had suffered two home invasions! Aside from the fencing and gates, we’ve installed an array of state-of-the-art technology that will defend, alarm, and deter any further attempts on the home. […]

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