We need to have short biographies of us all.

These are to be used on our websites, and also in emails where, when needed, you will be introduced to our clients and prospects by other team members.

Often company bios are boring. They are often just the name and a brief work history and education stuff. We don’t want the public to just consider us to be salespeople or managers or installers or project managers.

We want our clients to see us as people as well. (Just as they do not want to be regarded only as clients, prospects, and vendors!)

Please complete as many of these fields as possible. None of these are mandatory – other than your name! Don’t worry about punctuation or grammar or spelling, just do your best to answer.

Try and “let your hair down” a little and be as open as you comfortably can. Dan Locke will take your answers and put them together in a brief bio with your picture.

Dorothy is going to help me get these done. You can call Dan Locke at 818.851.1326 if you have comments or questions.

  • Please upload any pics you are fond of that you have of you or others in the team. Dan will look through these to find our most flattering pics.

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