Our Team

Avi Ben David

Avi Ben David President of Mulholland Security

In 1994, Avi Ben David opened his first store in Studio City, California, which he gradually developed with one goal in mind: to be able to offer people a “one-stop shop” for all their security needs and concerns.

His Mulholland Security Centers, Inc (www.MulhollandSecurity.com) can help any business, manufacturing or residence by understanding their issues, looking at the overall picture and offering solutions based on a balance of performance and budget.

Amongst the most basic and important security upgrades that can be made for a residence or business are the fencing and gating of the property. Avi realized early on in his career that there were tremendous shortcomings in the fence and gate installations that he had seen in California.

Under the Mulholland Security Centers banner, Avi supervised the design, fabrication and installation of hundreds of gates in the California southland. In 2009, Gates Los Angeles was established as a division within Mulholland Security Services to focus entirely on fences, gates and their accessories.

Yossi Berukhim
Operations Executive

Yossi Berukhim, Mulholland Security CentersMr. Berukhim is one of the primary mentors and consultants for our staff and clients.

With over 18 years of experience, he is one of the best known, most requested and respected security experts in the industry for LA County. His outstanding experience in dealing with perimeter security is unmatched.

Mr. Berukhim is continually and actively involved with educating our clients so that they can make the correct decisions to improve their security. He educates and coordinates our staff so that they are able to implement the highest standards in our industry.

Mr. Berukhim excels in every aspect of his job description:

  •  Analyzes existing security systems, with a particular ability to identify and correct areas of vulnerability.
  • Determines the most cost effective security hardware and electronic solutions without sacrificing security standards.
  • Envisions and implements security systems that are ideal for businesses, residences and communities.
  • Evaluates perimeter security requirements for businesses and residences. Proposes fence and gate requirements. Prepares crews to fabricate and install best-quality fences and gates.
  • Plans and coordinates with the technicians, locksmiths, and the low voltage team.

Ran Artzi
Project Manager

Ran ArtizRan (pronounced just as the English name, “Ron”) has been with Mulholland since 2003.
Ran is an expert in virtually all of our security technologies.  This includes everything from the nuts-and-bolts of locks, gates, doors and windows, all the way through to the cutting edge technologies in access control, intercoms, security cameras and motion sensors, etc.
He’s very good at listening and asking questions to make sure that we get the job done just  the way you want it.

Yael Sirota
Organization Executive

Yael Sirota

Yael has been with  us with us for several years and has many years of experience in the construction industry. She has a thorough understanding of what it takes to properly quote your project in terms of time, materials, cost. She’ll work with you and our crews to get each project scheduled and delivered with highest degree of care, quality, and speed.




Moshe Travolski
Project Manager

Moshe Travolski

Moshe is one of the many MacGyvers we employ at Mulholland. We’re happy to have him as he is a fast learner who enjoys rising to new challenges and coming through with them. Moshe has proven himself over and over again as a capable project manager and leader.

Liz Shamlian
Operations Manager

Liz ShamlianLiz had nine years of customer service experience before starting work with us three years ago. She has a bachelors degree in human resource management. She’s very knowledgeable in every facet of residential and commercial security.

Anat Daniel
Book Keeping

Anat has been working with us for nearly four years.  She’s extremely conscientious and keeps all our paperwork in perfect order.

Dorothy Stoner
Customer Service

Dorothy Stoner Mulholland Security Customer Service


Dorothy has been with us for four years. She’s persistent and caring and NEVER forgets. We are very proud to have her on the team.

Dan Locke
Marketing Executive

Dan Locke

If you are a customer and need to know anything about our project with you, connect with Dan and he will make sure that your questions are answered satisfactorily and that you know exactly what’s going on.

Dan is also the person to talk with about our marketing and promotion.