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Look through the designs below to find the best look for your project.

Privacy, Blocking Unwanted Views, Improve Your Property’s Appearance.

Do you want more PRIVACY?

These fabric fences can do a lot to improve your privacy, when they are placed over existing chain link fences or a slatted fence.

And they are a lot more pleasant to look at too!

Do you need to block out UNWANTED surroundings?

Less than beautiful surroundings can have an effect on our emotions and morale. Sometimes it’s difficult to even find the people responsible for the eyesores in view of your property, let alone get them to actually do something about it.

A solution is fabric privacy fencing. These can be in solid colors, patterns, or have very realistic natural views. They do not require specialist installation. Many people install them themselves. When you do need assistance in their installation or takedown, we can provide this inexpensively.

These can be for temporary use, as to “dress up” a parking lot for an outdoor event, or more permanent solutions.

Do you want to improve the appearance of your property?

The fence fabric comes in a wide range of colors or with pre-printed beautiful images, and they offer practical solutions to many landscaping problems. makes a great solution to landscaping ideas.

Just as we are judged by our personal appearance, so is the physical appearance of our property. In today’s economy, budgets have tightened considerably, yet the costs of enhancing the facade of your structures has not gone down. Please consider our fabric screens as a solution.  The vinyl of our fence fabric is durable and quickly will upgrade your construction site or commercial property. It will also add to the security of your site as well. This can very much boost your public image and do wonders for your immediate vicinity’s public relations.

Do you want LESS NOISE in your outdoor environment?

There’s fabric we carry that has a noise reducing characteristic. Mainly this is used for cutting down the sound of traffic from disturbing you. But it will also dampen the sounds from your property somewhat.


The material used for Fence Fabric is extremely durable. Images are digitally printed with UV stabilized inks. Our fabrics can hold up to inclement weather, strong winds, heat and cold.

Our products are custom built to your specifications. We can produce seamless Fence Fabric panels in any size up to 16′ high by 200′ long, with printing on one or both sides, in standard or custom images.

Our product is produced with Heat Welded edges that can be used for projects up to 8’ in height. This is our most cost effective option. For large scale and long term installations reinforced edges are recommended. Both include grommets at 12” intervals.

Our product is custom-produced to your dimensions and made in the U.S. Production time is approximately 2-4 six weeks from the date of order. Our heat welded product can sometimes be produced in as little 5-10 production days.

Shipping is typically UPS ground and can reach most locations in 3-5 days. The product is sent folded and in standard boxes.

Do not hesitate to contact us with any other questions. 1.800.562.5770


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