(N.B. I will be sending updates to this post as I get more information. I know that there are some who have been sitting on pins and needles waiting for this news and I did not want to hold it up any longer to get details.)


Friday, June 21st, 2017 – in some lovely spot north and east of Santa Rosa Ca. (I am not certain at this point as to whether or not we have permission from the owner of the property to publish his or her name or the exact location of the fence.) We have just completed the installation of the first Fancy Fence Retractable Gate in the Western Hemisphere!

I will soon have the names of all the stellar companies and people who co-created this project. I will have more information within the next week. I know that there are some who have just been waiting for so long, I wanted to get something out right away.

For now, here is Jeff Jorgensen from Cello and Maudru, accepting the remote control key for the first Fancy Fence Retractable Gate Installation in the USA.

(Please note that this property is being developed. You will note that the surrounding land will be graded soon so as to have the gate level with all surrounding property and that fencing and landscaping are soon to be started. Once that work is done, we’ll show you the gate in more beautiful surroundings! But, to all the people who invented this gate, and to all who helped fabricate and install it, this is a thing of beauty. We hope you can sense that as you view this video.)

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If you are viewing this post, you are probably aware of the gate appearance and finished look when completed. The following is a gate of the same design, installed in Poland. When the contractors complete the development in Northern California, we will see something looking much more like this:


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