We are happy to renovate gates.

Imagine your gate when it had just been built. Do you like the design? Does the gate still seem to be fairly stable?

If so, we can inspect your gate and see if it can rebuilt so that it as good – or better – than new.

, Gate Renovation
Improperly finished gate, damaged by sun, wind and rain. At the time of this photo, this gate was only 18 months old!

In Southern California, we often find that gates and fencing are not properly maintained. Wood gates require regular refinishing; whether that be with paint, stain or another sealant. Steel or iron gates also need to be regularly repainted.

In any type of gate, there will be moving parts. And, these need to be regularly lubricated and occasionally replaced.

When this sort of regular maintenance is skipped, deterioration sets in. And your gate or fence starts to look ugly instead of beautiful. And, with a gate in bad repair you are also potentially diminishing the effectiveness of your property security.

, Gate Renovation
Gates can sometimes be renovated on the premises; sometimes the work can be accomplished within a day.

Depending on the climate and frequency of use (gate openings and closings), your gates and fencing probably will need some maintenance as often as once every 6 months.   We are not talking about a lot of maintenance when it is done this frequently: a little bit of  paint touch up here and there, a little bit of oil.

If your fence or gate isn’t “too far gone”, it may be that will be able to rebuild it for you.

Feel free to give us a call at 1.800.562.5770, or fill out the form to the right and include a couple pictures if you can.