The heat of Southern California and the salt in the air along the coast create a lot of trouble for gates.

Gates and fencing have to be expertly and regularly maintained or they deteriorate and become unusable.

We repair gates, motors and all electric gate features; we have 24/7 emergency gate repair.

And we have a 12-point maintenance service plan for residential and commercial gates.

Our areas of expertise include wood and metal finishes, including rust resistance.

Unless your gate was installed indoors in a climate controlled room, your gate needs a little maintenance now and then.

Call Mulholland and ask for a maintenance visit. We’ll dispatch a technician to inspect, adjust, and lubricate your gate.

Our gate maintenance visit will include:

1. Visual & auditory inspection of all gates parts, for a smooth operation of the gate.

2. Grease/oil hinges rollers, bearings, chain, gearbox & all moving parts including adjustments as needed.

3. Check Photo Cell & all safety devices for proper functioning and adjustment.

4. Check belts, pulleys, sprockets for alignment, tightness, and wear.

5. Check and adjust limit switches, limit knots or limit cams for proper opening and closing of the gate.

6. Check electrical connections for tightness, frayed or loose wires and integrity in the control panel & motor.

7. Check brackets, track (sliding gates) and fasteners for secure mounting.

8. Check induction loops and loop detectors for proper functioning and make adjustments as needed.

9. Check input function of entry access controls. (Fire strobe, Knox, radio control receivers, antennas, phone etc.)

10. Check mechanical backup opening device, and battery backups for reliability and functionality (if equipped).

11. Check all metal parts for rust and weld points, the integrity of wooden parts if any, and paint quality.

12. Check tune and lube Locks for proper functioning.


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