Our clients are often passionate about “standing out” for their modern and distinctive style.

So, we are always reaching for new ideas to branch out with beautiful, contemporary designs.

Glass offers a very clean and elegant look to your property.

You might want to consider glass railings for your front porch or for your backyard patio. Glass railings are made out of the same sort of glass–tempered glass–that you often see around swimming pools as a fence.

These are nice for a front porch or for a backyard patio as they will open up your view from both places.

Set in place with aluminum reinforcement, they have very easy upkeep. They are almost entirely maintenance-free.

The panes of glass are usually no more than 6 feet between posts. The height of these is usually 42 inches. The glass panels fit in between the bottom and top railing. The glass itself  is typically about 1/4 inch thick and 36 inches tall.

Tempered glass is a LOT stronger than ordinary glass (about 5x), should you somehow manage to break it (which would be difficult), it breaks into little tiny pieces. This greatly reduces the risk of injury from tempered glass.

We’d be very happy to meet with you and take a look at the area for which you are considering glass railings.

We’ll be happy to discuss the look of it and the costs and speed to get it implemented.

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