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Iron Doors


You can have your doors, gates and fences all have the same design elements – and when you do, you very much add to the beauty of your property.

We work both ways – we can create doors for you that match your gate – or gates that match the design of your doors. Give us a call and we’ll show you what we can do.

From anywhere in the world!

How long have there been doors? Probably a few thousand years at least. And, all that time, there have been artists conferring with home owners, drawing out their designs on the dirt ground, or on clay tablets, papyrus, drafting boards, napkins and computer programs…

But, you could probably come up with a new idea anyway!

So, no matter what you have in mind: something classic, from another time and place… something brand new… or something of a mix of the two… we can make your dream a reality.

Give us a call and we will make it so.

"I will have the finest gate in town!"

You are a doll and a sweetheart and I truly appreciate it. I will have the finest gate in town! I am here til Sunday – please let me know when Toni can stop by.

Many thanks to you – you are a good man,


"Everything went great!"

That was so thoughtful of you, thank you for your email. Everything went great. The gate looks amazing, it makes the whole house look so beautiful. Your nice bookkeeper called about paying the painter, and paid him the same day. I am very happy with everything . Thank you for your follow up, it is very much appreciated. Mulholland Security is very fortunate to have you.

Hope you’re having a good weekend-


"I am extremely impressed..."

The fence and gate look amazing – Elio and his guys are doing a great job! They are running the power to the motor today, and finishing up securing parts of the fence. They may have to come back tomorrow for a couple of hours to finish up a few small things. I’m extremely impressed and pleased with their attention to detail and perfectionism! I’ll take some pictures tomorrow and send them to you.

I hope you’re enjoying your trip and have safe travels back! I’ll talk to you when you return.


"I have come to rely on your company..."

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for quality service that I have received from Mulholland Secutiry Centers over the past year. As the manager of the College Court Townhomes, I appreciate the prompt service that you offer and the knowledge of your staff. In addition to your reasonable prices, you have always met the varied needs of this townhome complex.

I have come to rely upon your company, The College Court Townhomes is a thirty-six unit complex and I trust your staff completely with our master key. The residents of the complex have expressed their satisfaction with your work in their homes and in the common areas. Please feel free to use my name as a reference to future clients. I am confident that they will be as satisfied as I am with your service.

I wish you and the staff of Mulholland Security Centers success.


Christy Novak – Manager
College Court Townhomes, Northridge


"... we like you guys..."

Thanks, Avi. We do like you guys — you run a very smart business and understand the importance of your customers (something we don’t see a lot in Los Angeles).

"...fantastic work..."

Dr. Parsi,

You may wish to speak with Avi from Mulholland Security. Avi is a great guy, an excellent business person and does fantastic work.


Robert Portillo
PC Fixer

"Thank you for the quick service!"

Thank you very much for the quick service! We are going to hold off on the re-key for the petty cash. For a faster payout you can email or fax me the invoice when its ready. What is your service area? I would like to use your services again in the future!


Gabriela Gastelum

Operations Dep.

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"...your kindness and attention..."

 Your kindness and attention to the issues at hand have been very much appreciated.

Robin Pflum

"Many thanks..."

Let’s schedule for Toni/Victor to come later in the week. Many thanks for your patience and professionalism.


Gail Willumsen
Gemini Productions

"Thank you so much!"

We had our gate repaired last week at 21xx Eric Drive, LA 90049. Could you send me the serial number and model number of the Ramset system that you installed so that I can send in the warranty? Thank you so much, and many thanks to Victor and Yosi for such great personal service.



"I am highly satisfied with their work."

Just as an FYI, Mulholland Security, the company Diana Stiller identified and that did a security survey at the building a few months ago, just completed the security upgrade job at my personal residence that I mentioned to you.


They replaced three existing night vision cameras, relocating one of them, and added two new cameras.


All the cameras were connected to my existing GE digital recorder and integrated to operate correctly, including viewing the camera images remotely over the Internet.


The work was done in an efficient and workmanlike manner. Everything works properly. All appointments were kept and necessary rain delays were noticed promptly via e-mail so as to minimize the impact on my schedule. The jobsite was left clean and orderly. The outdoor work on stucco surfaces was properly caulked and waterproofed.


The technicians even troubleshot and repaired an annoying problem with one of the existing camera locations. They stayed until after dark to make sure the night vision worked properly and that the cameras were aimed and focused as I wanted them. There is little more they could have done to meet my expectations.


Overall, I am highly satisfied with their work and would not hesitate to use the services of Mulholland Security at the Broadway Hollywood, assuming their bid was competitive and that they possess the core competencies to handle our access control and physical security (locks, welding, etc.) issues, which I did not have an opportunity to experience or evaluate.


I have no personal interest or investment in the HOA employing Mulholland Security for our security needs. I only wish to candidly report my experience to management and the board and add to our collective body of information.


Best regards,


Warren Jason

"... was excellent."

Would it be possible to schedule another round of this type of work?  I think it was Shahat that was here before, who was excellent.  I have another camera to install, a bit of maintenance on stuff I can’t reach(camera hood slipped off in the storms), and he mentioned shortening the extra cable length when he was here last time, which is probably a good idea as well(we have about 200 feet of excess cabling coiled behind the monitor).

I’d prefer to keep doing all of this project with you and your company.

 Many thanks,

Keith Adler