Mulholland works with designers and clients to make unique gates and fencing. Iron is wonderful for making custom designs. We can help you get a gate the perfect gate to safeguard your family. We’ll also help you integrate intercom and cameras!


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Malibu Gates

It is a misconception to think that we only make driveway gates in Los Angeles. We’ve designed, fabricated and installed our gates all throughout Southern California. We’ve done a lot of gates all along the Los Angeles County coastline.

But the driveway gates in Malibu that we have fabricated and installed are some of the most beautiful.

Malibu gates look beautiful in the sunset… and all the other times of day as well.

Beach gates and fences are subject to the erosive aspects of the ocean air. It’s very good for our bodies, but hard on wood and metal.

When you choose someone to do your gate project along the coast, make sure that they are skilled in finishes. Whatever your fencing and gate is made from, the finish is of vital importance.

Most people along the coast choose wood. Wood is  beautiful, a pleasure to work with in terms of design, and wood fences and gates can be made to last for years as long as they are installed and finished correctly. However, if you are right at the beach, you are going to need to regularly re-finish the wood, perhaps every few weeks! Finishes are so important! Even an iron gate can do well in an ocean area –  if it is kept properly sealed and lubricated.  Stainless steel gates are the best choice – even though they are not entirely resistant to corrosion, they are the closest thing to it that is also attractive and built to last.

Stainless still benefits from various finish applications applied every few months. And they are important to keep lubricated. It’s not typically required that skilled maintenance is necessary for their upkeep, however. We can rapidly educate you or your groundskeepers on their proper maintenance and they’ll stay beautiful and functioning for years.

Give us a call for more examples of beautiful Malibu gates.

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