Industry Experts are raving about our RFID access control system…

“Efficient, hands-free high security access control – no codes, no cards, no clickers!”

-Yossi Berukhim

Radio frequencies emanate from the RFID reader, are absorbed by the tag on the car windshield and reflected back to the reader, analyzed, validated and recorded and transmitted back to the access control management system.

• Basic system consists of tags, antennas, readers and a web-based access control panel
• No batteries needed
• Reader broadcasts RF energy over an adjustable area – read zone.
• Tag reflects a small part of this RF energy back to the antenna.
• The reflected radio waves contain the tag’s ID code and other data.
• Reader transmits the info to the customer’s information management
system (access control panel/gate operator).



Gate Control/AVI

(Automated Vehicle ID)

Residential Gated Communities


• Reduce Guard/Attendant Expense

• Faster Throughput for Residents

• Security/Audit  Trail 


 Gate Control/AVI

(Automated Vehicle ID)

Commercial – Government

South Carolina  has 2500 parking spaces beneath the Statehouse complex and controls vehicular access using the tres900 passive Readers and custom Hang Tags


Gate Control/AVI

(Automated Vehicle ID)

Need Help with Gated Entry or Perimeter Security Design and Products?We’ve Got You Covered!



Asset Tracking/Monitoring

Is the Correct Trailer Hitched to the Correct Tractor? 

Other Applications Include: 

Asset tracking monitoring, personnel tracking (limit access to sensitive areas), ensuring compliance hazardous materials, time and attendance, asset theft prevention, asset monitoring

We also are experts in conventional key systems, codes, ID cards and biometrics (fingerprint, facial recognition, iris scan, etc.)!

All Mulholland work is under warranty – and all work and material will be to or beyond your expectations.


Mulholland Security and Gates Los Angeles are system integrators for RFID products. Mulholland integrates your RFID system with all other security devices and apparatus. 

RFID solutions are designed for a seamless experience of authorized and secure access. It can be easily integrated into enterprises and commercial facilities in a wide array of industries, including:


• Corporate Office Buildings and Campuses

• Healthcare Facilities

• Educational and Cultural Institutions

• Stadiums /Arenas / Entertainment Centers

• Financial Institutions

• Transportation Facilities

• Data Centers

RFID technology can be used to personalize the access to warehouses and storage rooms thereby reducing inventory shrinkage estimated annually in tens of billions of dollars in the US alone.


Automatic Retractable Road Traffic Bollards

We’ll help you find the right retractable bollards for you that keeps your property secure with a very modern appearance.  Call us to get an estimate for our work.

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