“Mulholland supplies businesses, hospitals, schools and homes with tough and durable security doors and bars. We’ll get the work done on time and on budget, and increase the security of you or your clients.”

Is It Possible to Fall in Love With a Door?

Mulholand Security is proud to introduce our newest line of custom made high-security doors and windows: SHIELD©.  Tested to the highest international forced entry and ballistic standards, we can ensure that you never have to worry about unwanted visitors in the middle of the night.

What makes our doors and windows so unique?

We start with a 14 gauge galvanized steel construction, integrate an armored multi-point locking system, pick resistant cylinders, welded hinges and patented features such as the Invisible Chain. We offer several ballistic options up to a self-healing system capable of withstanding hundreds of rounds, as well as range of access control options including biometrics, keypads, and remote controls.

We know that aesthetics matter, especially in your home, and one of our core beliefs is that the secret to good security is to keep it a secret. That’s why our high-security doors and windows can look like whatever you want them to. We can replicate almost any style door, including those with glass, or build to spec from your drawings without compromising the security of the door and without anyone realizing that it is a high-security door.

Why you should consider a high-security door…

Alarms and surveillance cameras are good if are part of a comprehensive security strategy. But on their own, all they provide is a false sense of security because if your alarm goes off it’s already too late. Someone is in your home and chances are they’ll be gone before the police arrive.

Celebrities learn this the hard way: an alarm won’t stop a determined intruder from getting into your home. Our doors and windows will.

Whether it’s for your front entrance, your bedroom, or your panic room – give us a call.

Just a few years ago, unless you paid tens of thousands, you couldn’t find a security door that was beautiful.

Security doors were made, not to look good, but to repel burglars and home invasion.

Most of these doors could have done a good job of repelling criminals with their looks alone!

Nowadays we can equip your home or safe room with doors that have an outward appearance of works of art. There’s a whole range of security ratings for these doors, from doors that can stand up to hours of hammering and crowbars without budging, all the way to doors that high caliber bullets bounce off of!

Take a look through these, and click on any of the images you like to get to our website to see more.

Security Gates Los Angeles

If you have a building that uses security gates in Los Angeles you would benefit from having security bars and security doors as well.

Gates Los Angeles is a division of a security company, Mulholland Security, We are a custom made gate fabrication and installation company. This is very much to your advantage, as we have the expertise not just to make a beautiful gate, but a secured gate, that protects your property.

We integrate all security systems with the gate and fences: security cameras for gates, intercoms for gates, access control for gates, locks and latches for gates.

Security gates deter burglars, prevent crimes and vandalism as well as prevent kids from running to the road, and pets from taking off to the streets. Gates stop solicitors, increase your property value, reduce insurance premiums and liability, and provide many other security-related and beauty-related benefits.

Los Angeles Security Bars and Doors

Security Doors and Security Gates Los Angeles Keep Your Home and Business Secure!

Are you afraid someone will knock your door down, and break into your property, and steal your heirlooms, jewelry, inventory, your computers, and other valuables?

Do you sleep well at night, knowing that you’ve taken good care of your security needs?

If you are afraid you are not well protected and secured from burglary or theft, let Gates Los Angeles  help you, so you can sleep well at night, feeling safe and secure.

Burglars know to recognize if you are well-secured; if you are, they’ll look for another target, or if you have poor security, they’ll target your business or home.

Custom Security Doors

Iron security doors are a good way to secure your home or business or any back door and prevent from burglars breaking into your premises. But they are not any good if the are of poor quality, if the lock they are provided with is cheap or if they are not installed correctly.

If a security door is not installed correctly or if it has a simple lock, if it is made of low grade steel or is poorly constructed, in spite of your investment, it won’t what it supposed to.

We’ve seen many homes and businesses that have security doors, but the burglars simply cracked the lock.

If you’ve got a quality security door, but it’s got a lock that is easy to overcome or break with a “bump key” or drill, all your investment in a security door will go to waste – it simply won’t stop the burglars from breaking in.

Burglars know very well how to see if you have a good, high security, hard-to-overcome lock, or a simple one that takes them less than 15 seconds to break. They’re much more likely to ignore the home with quality protection and rob the home or business with cheap security.

Also if you have a building with security gates in Los Angeles, we can create and install security bars and security doors that match the appearance of your security gates.

Let the the experts of Gates Los Angeles and Mulholland Security secure your doors and entrances according to your specific needs, your current door and structure, and according to your budget. We will make your doors more “burglar proof”; much harder to break through. Strong enough to tell the burglar: “This isn’t going to work out well for you. Why don’t you just go home?”

Be careful – some light security doors only give the appearance of a better security, and burglars can overcome them easily. As experts in iron work and security, we can custom make your security doors per your design, and budget.