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Stainless Steel Driveway Gates in Los Angeles

Have you seen a stainless steel gate or stainless steel fence yet?

You really have to see one to get the idea of how beautiful “modern” can be. See the video tab on this page and you can get an idea of just how amazing they are.

A stainless steel driveway gate in Los Angeles is still a relatively new idea. Just a few years ago; you wouldn’t see any of them, even in the most modern and trendy areas of town. Even now, we don’t know if you will see any of them outside of Los Angeles and its suburbs. Gates Los Angeles, a division of Mulholland Security Centers has fabricated and installed several of them in this area.

There is not a more modern look that you can get than what you get with a stainless steel driveway gate and stainless steel fence.

You are probably most familiar with stainless steel in cook ware and food utensils… and let’s not forget the famous DeLorean car of the “Back to the Future” movies. Another very visible usage of this type of metal has been in modern office buildings; the semi-reflective interiors of elevator cars is probably something that most people living in the US have familiarity with.

But most people have never seen driveway gates in Los Angeles like these. When you see one, it’s amazing! You wouldn’t think that a gate could do this, but a stainless steel driveway gate with a stainless steel fence can actually take your breath away… they’re that beautiful.

In our opinion, they look best on hill side properties where they safeguard more modern architecture.

Often, another excellent component in a stainless steel gate is brushed glass. We have designed, fabricated and installed many driveway gates that are made of stainless steel and brushed glass.

You’ve also got to be considerate of your neighbors and of people driving in your neighborhood. This type of gate is extremely reflective. A properly planned stainless steel gate or fence needs to be set in such a way that the sun does not ruin your neighbors’ view or blind passing traffic! Also, brushing the steel with the right revolving wire brush technique can bring down this reflective quality and, done nicely, can further enhance the artistic appeal of your gate and fence.

This type of metal is not entirely care-free after installation. In the outdoors particularly, when subjected to fluctuations in temperature and rain, it will corrode and become damaged if not given some maintenance. Although this corrosion factor is not as damaging as it is to common steel, it is corrosion nevertheless. There are chemical cleaning agents that should be used on a scheduled basis that will clean up corrosion. It’s best after cleaning with these agents to leave a film of it over the surface to further safeguard the fence and gate.

We have several stainless steel gates already fabricated and installed in the Los Angeles area. We’d love to “window shop” them with you to give you different ideas. See our video tab on this page to get some ideas about gates of this type, and see the owners’ delight.

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Customer Care at Mulholland

The stainless gates we design, fabricate and install are all made with high grade marine stainless. When we install gates for our clients, we always demonstrate the maintenance procedures as well, and provide cleaning materials that are appropriate to the gate.

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