To Truly “Fall in Love” with Wood, Investigate Aluminum.


When you think of fences and gates, the first images that come to your mind are wood structures. Wood has been the default material for fencing since, likely, the beginning of time.

But homeowners have always had problems with wood. These problems are all associated with wood’s tendency to warp, splinter, crack, expand, and contract.  The only way to deal with this has always been extensive and ongoing maintenance and repairs.

Mulholland made wood fences and gates for well over twenty-five years. They were always a pleasure to construct, but we always installed them with some anxiety. We never could be sure that the owner would maintain them, even with all our warnings and education on the subject.

But now we have Woodlike® Gates and Fences and we’ve replaced our customers’ anxiety with satisfaction. Now they have the beautiful look of wood with none of the hassle.


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