Wood Driveway Gates Los Angeles

You want a wood gate and wood fence that you can be proud of and feel safe behind and that requires minimal maintenance over years and years of service. Wood gates Los Angeles have several requirements to be met in order to stay useful and remain attractive.

Go to any of the online directories or craigslist and you will no doubt find hundreds of people who say that they can fabricate a wood fence and wood gate for you. But how do you know it will be a good job and will last?

Tito - Our Master Wood Sealer
Tito – Our Master Wood Sealer

The only way to be certain as to either choose a Los Angeles fencing contractor who has an excellent reputation and is licensed and insured or to become fully educated in regards to choosing wood, selecting finishes, fence and gate fabrication and fence and gate installation.  And then, to supervise every aspect of the job to see that it’s done correctly.

Of course, the easy solution is to choose an expert. But, even so, it’s still a good idea to learn the basics.

The Right Wood for Your Fence and Gates

Many people want wood gates Los Angeles. People wanting a wood gate will often choose a redwood gate, as they are very weather resistant and insect resistant, as we discuss more in the next tab. We also can use a recycled wood product known as “Trex” which will provide beauty and protection for years, with lower maintenance. Trex and other brands of recycled or reclaimed wood are also better for the environment.

The most common species of wood used for fencing are pine, spruce, cedar and redwood. Of course, they all have their benefits and drawbacks. However, particularly for the varied California climates, redwood is usually the best.

For the initial costs of fabrication and installation, it wouldn’t be your least expensive choice. But over the long run when maintenance is considered, it will be the most economical.

Through using different finishes and stains, we can give you the look of many different types of wood.

We have even given wood finishes to metal gates! These are very popular because you can get the extreme durability of the metal gate or metal fence and give it a very attractive finish that looks just like wood!

You can get a wood gate or wood finish with any one of these popular finishes:

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