Are You Safe in Your Hotel Room?

We were recently alerted to this nationwide security concern and thought that it was important to alert out full mailing list.

You will see here that there appears to be tens of thousands of hotel rooms that are insecure against burglary, even invasion. We know that the news organizations do love sensationalism, so we are not currently 100% certain that there’s a lot of rooms that are insecure, but it looks that way.

Best that you watch the following video to see for yourself… and then read our notes that follow.

Amazing isn’t it? I hope that the hotel association exec’s video minute was out of context, and that he’s not as flatfooted as he appears to be! But I would not count on that.

We’re researching steps that a traveler can take to increase the security of a hotel room. Right now the irreducible minimum would dictate that you use the chain lock when you are indoors, and that you keep your valuables when you are out of the room, in the hotel safe.