Iron Fencing is a popular choice…

As our experience shows again & again, our basic advice on any security matter is “Better Be Safe Than Sorry!”

It’s probably been true since the beginning of time: having your property gated and fenced is amongst the top ways to bring safety to your family, pets and home. It’s probably the next highest priority right after locking your doors and closing your windows!

After securing a property making your family safe, the next most important things about a properly fenced and gated property is the beauty it adds to your home and the increase in value. A little in cost can go a long way in value when it comes to residential gate and fence.

Getting a Fence and Gate Fabricated and Installed the Right Way.

Getting this done right requires planning and observation. It starts with understanding the primary purpose you have in mind for your fence and gate. Is is for security from burglary, to protect your children and pets from the street and strangers or primarily decorative?

The next factor is style and appearance. Will your home look better surrounded by wood or metal? A modern or traditional approach?

After that, probably the next most important consideration is the installation itself. What obstacles, natural and man-made exists in the area of the fence and gate? What is the composition of the ground itself in the area? How can this gate and fence be installed in such a way that it will “stay there” and not deteriorate over time and be easy to maintain?

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