North Hollywood based Mullholland Security Centers, Inc. has just added one of the most innovative security gate systems available in the world to their product line. Called “World’s Coolest Security Gate” by Business Insider, the FANCY FENCE security gate system is now available for purchase through Mulholland Security. Using groundbreaking technology, the gate has the ability to appear or disappear from or into the ground at the will of the user’s commands.

The patented FANCE FENCE system combines minimalism and elegance with exclusive functionality. Consisting of unique gate components, the innovative yet simple design guarantees trouble-free operation while providing a futuristic look. The gate leaf and drive mechanism are located in a sealed reinforced concrete vault in the ground which is connected to large counterweights through a system of cables and pulleys, where the weight of the counterweights is equal to the weight of the leaf. This design enables the use of conventional and easily available low power electric drives, which guarantee reliability, ease of operation, and maintenance of the entire drive system.

Mulholland Security Centers, Inc. is proud to announce being one of only two licensors in the entire United States of the Fancy Fence system. Having already done the first FANCY FENCE installation in the entire United States, Mulholland Security expects to install many more in the coming months through its Gates Los Angeles division. For more information regarding the FANCY FENCE gate system, please visit Individuals interested in a FANCY FENCE installation should contact Mulholland Security Centers, Inc. at:

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