Ran Sherman Oaks Fence Panel and Intercom for Blog Post
Sherman Oaks Gate Project

Sherman Oaks California Gate Installation

Good afternoon. This is Ran (pronounced “Ron”) for Mulholland Brand in Sherman Oaks, California. This is a project we finished a couple of days ago (Mid-July 2020). It Came out really, really, really pretty.

We did everything here, from A to Z, including our masonary contracted the walls here (we contracted a mason to do the wall work). And we did the fencing and the gates. This property has now a fence panel here to close the lawn, as well as a pedestrian door here with an intercom, a couple panels on the sides of the walkway and a nice four-foot door in the center with an Intercom system, which we installed on the right side, (and)we have a double swing gate.

All of this is a hundred percent aluminum, which is what we specialize in – a hundred per cent made in the US in our Canoga Park facility, a hundred percent powder-coated, A to Z to prevent problems with maintenance.

You will not see rust on these because they’re aluminum. They are rust-proof, you will not see any need to repaint or anything like that. There’s just some periodical cleaning and that’s it for that.

So almost a maintenance-free product, beautiful, beautiful finishing, and (a) beautiful installation by our very, very professional installation crew.

You can see all these nice clean lines finishes. It is unrivaled in the market today. And nobody else can do what we do for our customers.

So, (from) A to Z (the) product came out beautiful (and our) customers (are) happy. And so are we! Okay? So again, Ran, for Mulholland Brand (at this installation) in Sherman Oaks, California