access control systemsAccess control systems have been developed for condominium buildings that are more effective, simple and inexpensive than ever before.

These systems are wireless and keyless. Installation (or replacement of an older, less efficient system) is just about as simple as replacing the locks in the doors. Your installer will not have to break into your walls to wire them.

For further convenience, you access these control systems through a high security internet application. These systems are just as secure and effective as traditional systems, but don’t require a dedicated computer, complicated software installations and best of all, can be accessed from any computer on the network – whether in the facility or not. This gives system administrators the freedom to control the system from anywhere.

Here are some access control systems that we have available for immediate installation.

We have access control systems for every kind of need: residential, commercial, offices, schools, and HOAs.

We deal with all infrastructures, and we help you to have the right system for your security needs, and given budget.

We are a certified vendor, repair and support provider for DoorKing, Sirit, Schlage, Medeco and other systems.

We provide wired and wireless systems, web-based monitoring and controlled.

Here are the high points:

Better Security

·       Grant user rights to designated doors at specific times

·       Audit trails give you visibility to who went where and when

·       Anti-passback function to eliminate unauthorized entry

·       Electronic credentials can easily be added or deleted

·       Its Linux operating system offers reassuring stability and greater security from external threats. Of course, internal threats have to be considered as well.

·       Door status monitoring

·       User, Operator and Administrator log-on access levels. Each level provides a different set of access rights to the system.

·       You’re in control of what each person is authorized to manage or view.

Increased Efficiency With Lower Costs:

·    Upgrade of current systems requires very low labor charges as the installation is simple and fast

·    Utilize existing master key system

·    Low lifetime cost of ownership

·    Easy to install and service in the field

·    Pre-configured and network ready

·    Application wizards for ease of use

·    Standardized reports

·    System back-up

·    Employee access activity monitor

·    Manual overrides to temporarily unlock doors

·    Minimal training required

·    Built-in web server

·    Flashable firmware for future upgrades

·    Improved functionality that cuts the costs on daily operations

·    Electronic access control provides added security, convenience and efficiency.

·    Unlock/lock all doors with the click of the mouse

·    No need to send people to open close pool gates, etc daily

·    Schedule automatic opening and closings

·    Does not require a dedicated computer. Use any computer from any location

·    Multiple ways to utilize credentials including normal, toggle, freeze and pass through

·    Access anytime, anywhere, with a network connected computer

·    Remote access and administration

·    Automatic lock and unlock can be scheduled for specific time zones

·    Holiday schedules can be set to override normal settings

Ease of installation

·    Older lock hardware is simply swapped out. Because no wires are being run to the door, there’s no drilling through walls and no running cables throughout the facility

·    Wireless electronic locks will work with a number of different credential technologies, including those that your facility may already use, such as magnetic stripe, proximity or smart card, and are available with or without the added option of a keypad.

·    You can add new locks and cardholders at any time, so the system won’t become obsolete. Plus, the need for reader interfaces and other door hardware is eliminated, resulting in hundreds of dollars in savings per door.


·    All this is backed by the knowledge and experience of Schlage; an industry leader for over 90 years.

Security design

Case studies have shown that facilities that implement an access control system – in addition to offline/standalone locks and and key-based systems – have not only increased the security in the facility but have also made management of openings and credentials more efficient.  Other benefits include an increased sense of security and more efficient movement through the environment for both visitors and staff.

Facilities which seek an access control system but are concerned about cost should keep in mind that not every opening and access point in the facility needs to be included on the networked system.  Facilities should start by prioritizing which openings need to be protected with access control – starting with the perimeter and security sensitive areas. Other areas that are not as critical can be protected by other solutions that aren’t tied into the networked access control system – but still provide excellent security.