Stainless steel, wood, and metals have always been standard materials for gates and fencing. While the aforementioned materials are reliable and surely get the job done, it is sometimes difficult to install or maintain such type of gates. Yet, what if you could install a gate or fence that gives the look of a stainless steel, wood, or metal gate yet was made out of something else? Not too long ago a Greek based company (Aluminco) came up with the ingenious idea to develop beautiful and reliable gates made out of aluminum. Why aluminum? Because aluminum is lightweight, adaptable, reliable, and easy to install. With such a genius invention, Mulholland Security Centers, Inc. had to be a part of the aluminum movement and thus founded Alumindor in a partnership with Aluminco.

As a result, Mulholland Security Centers now offers aluminum gates under the Alumindor product line. Why should you get an Alumindor gate for your property? The following three reasons may be why:

1. Alumindor gates/fences are offered in almost all colors, including choices of surface treatment (powder coating or wood effect) so as to match the style of your home and interior.

2. Gates are available in many designs and even more wonderful combinations, adaptable to any application including hinged pedestrian gates, sliding driveways gates or side doors.

3. They are easy to assemble and fit without the need for systematic maintenance. Also, unlike wood or metals, Alumindor gates do not rust or deteriorate at the rate of traditional materials.

Still not convinced an Alumindor gate is the right fit for your property? The following Alumindor infomercial may do the trick…

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