Get a beautiful wood fence that will last for years.

It’s all in the planning. If you want to have a wood fence that will last for years, you need to be sure that it is built with the best wood for your climate and that the wood is treated with the best seal or paint to further safeguard it against the elements, fungi, mold and insects.

Wood is organic

Your fence is made out of material that was at one time growing. It’s made out of life. But the wood is not like a tree, in that there is no longer s system in place in it that is bringing it nutrients and allowing it grow.

With most materials that were once living, once its life source has been cut off, it starts to decay rapidly. But that is very much less the case with wood. There are varieties of wood that are amazingly resistant to decay.  There are buildings that are hundreds of years old still standing and being used, all throughout Europe and Asia. The oldest known wood building is in China and was built in 607 A.D.

These more resilient woods are also more costly! And, no matter what type of wood you get for your gate, there’s going to be maintenance required. When you have a gate installed from any type of wood, make sure you are fully informed of the wood’s characteristics, and all that you should do to maintain it.


Although it is certainly not the only wood used in  building fences and gates, it is one of the most popular due to its longevity as an outdoor wood, its resistance to decay and its beautiful appearance. It’s also a matter of ‘state pride”. California is home to the Redwood tree. Having it on your property is an ongoing reminder of the well founded pride we have for the many wonderful things in our state.

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