Outdoor Aluminum looks natural!Hello, this is Avi Ben David at Mulholland. And I want to show you a beautiful project that we just completed. This is a wooden fence – but guess what?  It is not made out of wood!

This is all aluminum. The frame is all powder coated.

This installation is basically maintenance free. You don’t really have to deal with any rust or a wood bending and being pretty problematic. And a lot of people these days they’re trying to stay out of wood because it requires a lot of maintenance. So we basically resolve the issue.



There are not going to be any rust issue or wood getting racked and need to be stained or painted. Look at the grain!  Look how beautiful it is – you cannot tell that it’s not wood.

There are different pigments we can go with: darker wood, and lighter colors.

Look at the finish! You cannot tell that it is aluminum, through appearance. But, if you give it a little flick against it with your finger, you will hear the “ping” of the metal.


We also put on a code lock.
We actually put these posts before they built the pillars over here, so these posts are embedded into the pillars and then we mounted our gate on top of that. The posts are also of aluminum, and are powder-coated for further protection.


Beautiful overall and amazing product to keep things practical for many years without any maintenance. You can take a rag and clean it up every once in a while.






It’s going to make it look beautiful for years and years to come. That’s a really the way to go. If you’re a person, who is a detailed oriented type of a person and don’t want to do the with maintenance every six months, which you usually do need with wooden gates and fences then this is the set up for you.